About the Founders

Sterling Anderson

Dr. Sterling Anderson spent several years as a graduate researcher at MIT developing Gimlet's technology. This work led to collaborations with various stakeholders in the intelligent vehicles space, from automakers to suppliers to several arms of the Department of Defense. In addition to his research, Sterling has also been involved in the business strategy of various technical startups. He has served on the executive board of MIT's Sloan Business Club, directed student consulting teams, and advised companies that went on to win the Edison Award and be named to Red Herring's Top 100.

Karl Iagnemma

Dr. Karl Iagnemma is a Principal Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he directs the Robotic Mobility Group. Dr. Iagnemma is an expert in mobile robot design, modeling, and control, and has served as an advisor or consultant to DARPA, NASA/JPL, the US Army, and several major corporations in this capacity. He has authored nearly 100 academic publications, and served as an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions of Robotics and Journal of Field Robotics. Dr. Iagnemma's research has been highlighted on PBS' Nova ScienceNow and featured in dozens of print and online articles worldwide.