Gimlet's technology changes the way humans interact with machines. From passenger vehicles to defense systems to industrial tools and surgical equipment, Gimlet's technology is designed to make machines respond to users and their environment in a safe, helpful, and intelligent manner. Gimlet's patented navigation and control framework determines both when and how to best interact with the human operator, exploiting human-machine synergies that allow the combined team to perform better than either agent could have on its own.

In the passenger vehicle space, Gimlet's technology enables "personalized autonomy" — shared control that adapts to the driver's preference and performance while avoiding collisions and losses of stability. This shared-adaptive control framework is capable of autonomous operation, but specifically designed to employ it only as the situation requires or the driver prefers. In the defense and security vehicle space, Gimlet's technology enables safe, stable control in both manned and unmanned settings — including during remote teleoperation over delayed, low-bandwidth, or unreliable communication channels.

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